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At Aurora, we design, build, and fly advanced aircraft and enabling technologies. Aurora’s agility and innovation, combined with Boeing’s scale and strength, creates an unprecedented opportunity to help our customers advance the future of flight. Have a challenge that needs solving?

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What We Do

Aurora delivers innovations across aircraft configurations, autonomous systems, propulsion technologies, and manufacturing processes. For over 30 years, Aurora has developed cutting-edge air vehicles and enabling technologies from concept to reality.

Advanced and Uncrewed Aircraft

Aurora’s experience in aircraft development spans a wide variety of experimental and prototype aircraft as well as small and large uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS). We create solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); future mobility, electric propulsion, and more.

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Aerosystems Manufacturing

Aurora works together with our customers to make their vision a reality. We apply our expertise in advanced composites, modular sizing, and robotic manufacturing to build aerospace components, sub-assemblies, and complete airframes from prototype to production.

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Research & Technology

Aurora develops novel aircraft configurations and enabling technologies that improve the safety and sustainability of flight. We are experts in rapid prototyping and in areas such as autonomy, electric propulsion, and human-machine integration.

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Flight Operations and Testing

Aurora conducts simulated and live flight testing of cutting-edge aircraft, technologies, and components using an incremental, safety-first approach. Our efficient processes and equipment can help accelerate the design-test cycle by delivering fast feedback to engineering teams.

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Key Programs

Aurora works on cutting-edge programs for government and commercial customers. Through this work, we deliver advanced capabilities, new technologies, and reliable products that advance the future of flight.

Experimental Aircraft

Customers come to Aurora to design, build, and test X- and Y-planes that demonstrate revolutionary capabilities, prove-out new technologies, and open new methods of operation.

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Small UAS

SKIRON-X is a Group 2 sUAS that combines the simple operation of an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) configuration with the longer range and endurance of a fixed-wing design.

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Aurora helps customers improve the safety and efficiency of flight operations by expanding capabilities in human-machine teaming, machine learning, and autonomous decision-making.

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What you build can change how we use the sky

You come to Aurora to build things that people have never seen before – the next generation of aircraft configurations, advanced propulsion, and autonomous technologies. We are a team of passionate people moved by the idea that what we build can change how we use the sky.

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