Optionally Piloted Aircraft System

A Versatile Platform for ISR Operations and Rapid R&D

Centaur is an optionally piloted aircraft (OPA) system that combines the best of piloted, remotely piloted, and hybrid capabilities in a highly reliable and cost-effective aircraft. An excellent solution for operations over controlled and uncontrolled airspace, Centaur offers the high degree of safety and redundancy required for manned aircraft with the payload capacity and endurance of a large unmanned system.

Multi-Domain Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Centaur provides a versatile airborne sensing platform for a range of mission types including defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and environmental research. With advanced automation features, Centaur can be operated from a remote ground control station, with or without an onboard pilot.

  • High resolution, wide swath SAR mapping

  • Stabilized high definition multi-spectral imaging

  • HD infrared and color camera with continuous zoom

  • Commercially exportable Missile Technology Control Regime category II system

Rapid Development and Testing

Centaur is an ideal platform for testing new technologies, including payloads and advanced autonomy. Hybrid flight mode simplifies operations in the National Airspace System (NAS), minimizing costly deployments to remote test sites and enabling quick progression from development to flight test.

  • Easy access to the NAS with Aurora’s special Airworthiness Certificate

  • Stable, highly accurate and repeatable autopilot features

  • Flexible payload architecture allows integration for a variety of sensors

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Based on a certified twin-engine general aviation aircraft, Centaur offers a high degree of safety and redundancy, along with exceptional range, high efficiency, and extremely low life-cycle cost.

  • Automated contingency management system

  • Triplex flight control system and dual redundant primary flight controls

  • Very high fuel efficiency; loiters on less than 8 gal/hr

Centaur’s flexible flight capabilities and payload capacity in a cost-effective aircraft just might be the perfect solution for your next mission.

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