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Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Future of Flight

Aurora’s premier engineering teams conduct invigorating research and deliver groundbreaking innovations in areas such as autonomy, electrification, human-machine integration, and novel aircraft configurations. As experts in both rapid prototyping and flight operations, we can increase the speed of innovation through accelerated develop and test cycles.


Aurora enables vehicles to operate with increasing levels of autonomy by advancing high-level decision-making capabilities. We offer a flexible, service-oriented architecture for developing and deploying novel behaviors in autonomous vehicles and have developed technologies in conflict detection and resolution (CD&R), route and trajectory planning, and modular hardware.

Human – Machine Integration

By applying user-centered design processes, Aurora works to enhance human capability through autonomous vehicle systems. Our design interfaces amplify pilot capabilities, and our test interfaces help rapidly validate and iterate new autonomous technologies. In our Advanced Teaming Integration Lab, or ATIL, a teaming sandbox enables user testing of novel HMI and autonomy concepts.


Aurora is developing, demonstrating, and fielding high efficiency and high reliability electric propulsion systems. We develop hybrid powertrains with series hybrid turbogenerator-battery sizing and energy management, IC, regenerative fuel cell, and solar. We use battery systems with increased gravimetric density and distribution, and power electronics with increased current density.


Aurora is advancing the state-of-the-art in robotic vehicle operation and robot-aided vehicle manufacturing. We build multi-modal robot systems including robotic arms, ground vehicles, and air vehicles; and we use robotic manipulation and scene recognition in autonomous vehicles. In advanced manufacturing, we deploy robotic arms and robotic transport across our facilities and optimize the use of robots with robot system simulation.

Aircraft Configurations

Aurora develops novel aircraft configurations that achieve revolutionary gains in performance and capabilities. We use a modular sizing and optimization system that enables a building-block approach and mature computational fluid dynamics (CFD) processes. We bring concepts to fruition with our extensive dynamic test and simulation capabilities and rapid prototyping expertise.

Rapid Prototyping

Through specialized tools and processes for rapid production of low-cost, high-performance aircraft, Aurora is increasing the velocity of innovation. Our prototype fabrication and assembly facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experts. In addition, our existing virtual and physical platforms can be easily adapted to test customer technologies under development.

We collaborate with outstanding talent from world-class universities and cutting-edge research labs.

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