Press Releases

December 6: Aurora Delivers First Centaur Optionally-Piloted Aircraft to Swiss Department of Defence

December 4: Sikorsky Delivers First CH-53K Prototype Heavy Lift Helicopter to Flight Test Team (Sikorsky press release)

October 22: Aurora and SRI International Sarnoff Integrate On-Board Video Processing into Skate SUAS

October 1: Aurora’s Skate® SUAS Embeds with Massachusetts SWAT Team

September 19: Mark Cherry Joins Aurora as President and COO

September 13: Aurora Flight Sciences Engineer to Participate in US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

August 17: Aurora’s Additive Manufacturing Wing Showcased in NAMII Announcement

August 13: DARPA Selects Aurora for Phoenix Program

August 7: Aurora’s Skate® SUAS Supports Aerial Surveying Missions in Peru

June 18: AIAA Recognizes Aurora Employees

April 30: Aurora Delivers Engine Nacelles to CH-53K Helicopter Program

March 20: Skate SUAS Wins Border Security Product Challenge Award

February 16: Aurora Selected by Raytheon for DARPA PCAS Program

February 1: Aurora’s Jay Gundlach Explores Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design in New Textbook

January 25: Swiss Department of Defence Becomes Centaur Launch Customer

January 23: Aurora Plays Key Role in Zero Robotics Competition Utilizing SPHERES on ISS

January 16: Aurora Joins Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER™ Team To Build a Next Generation Light Tactical Helicopter

January 9: Aurora Wins Design and Fabrication Contract for the Boeing SolarEagle

January 3: Aurora Delivers First Ship Set of Composite Structures for the BAMS UAS Program

November 22: Aurora Flight Sciences Rolls Out Orion UAS

November 10: Aurora Skate Wins Massachusetts Technology Product Award

November 8: Aurora Flight Sciences wins 2010 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

November 1: Aurora Wins Overall Most Innovative Product in Suppliers’ Innovation Challenge

September 30: Aurora’s Orion Wins First Phase of the MAGIC JCTD

September 27: Aurora Joins Change the Equation to Help Solve America’s Innovation Problem

September 15: Aurora Flight Sciences Delivers Composite Wing for Boeing’s Phantom Eye

August 2: Aurora Flight Sciences Awarded Contract by AFRL to Continue Development of Distributed Adaptive Engine Controller

July 19: Aurora Skate Flies at Farnborough Airshow

July 14: Aurora Flight Sciences Conducts Flight Tests for Centaur Optionally Piloted Aircraft

June 21: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins NASA Contract for Incorporation of Aspirated Compressor Technology into High Altitude Engines

May 26: Aurora Flight Sciences Receives NASA Contract for Development of a Robust Flare Planner for Manned and Unmanned Applications

May 11: Aurora Awarded Contract by DoD to Develop Aero-acoustic Optimized Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propellers

April 26: Navy Awards Aurora Contract to Develop Sensor System to Monitor Airframes for Damage

April 20: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins NASA Contract for a Mars Orbiting Sample Retrieval Rendezvous and Docking Testbed (MOSR/RDOS)

April 6: Aurora Awarded Contract for Integrated Energy Scavenging and Storage System

March 15: Senator John Warner Joins Aurora Flight Sciences Board

March 3: Aurora Unveils Test Wing for Solar Aircraft

March 1: Aurora Flight Sciences Completes Surrogate UAV Contract

February 17: Aurora’s DA42M-OPV on Track for Summer 2010 Flights

February 1: Aurora Flight Sciences Awarded NASA Contract for Space Suit Simulator

January 14: Aurora Awarded Contract for Titan Balloon Buoyancy Modulation System

January 4: Aurora Reaches Major CH-53K Main Rotor Pylon Milestones

September 8: Professor Drela Joins Aurora as Scholar-In-Residence

August 12: Aurora Launches Development of Optionally Piloted Vehicle based on the DA42M

July 27: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins RCEE Contract

July 20: Aurora Excalibur UAS Makes First Flight

July 16: Krieg, Tether Join Aurora Board

June 29: Aurora Demonstrates Autonomous Landings on General Aviation Aircraft

May 14: Aurora Flies Large Solar-Powered Aircraft

May 12: Aurora Wins NASA Contract for Autonomous Control of Space-Nuclear Reactors

May 4: Aurora’s Solar Plane Cleared for Flight

April 21: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins NASA Contract for Synthetic Imager Maneuvering Optimization (SIMO) System

April 8: Aurora Flight Sciences wins DARPA Contract for High Output Turboelectric Diesel Engine

March 30: Aurora Flight Sciences Completes Limit Load Test on Orion Wing

March 24: Aurora Flight Sciences Awarded NASA Contract for On-Orbit White Blood Cell Counting System

March 18: Aurora Flight Sciences wins NASA contract for Charged Particle Spectrometer for Manned Space Vehicles

March 9: Aurora Flight Sciences wins NASA Contract for UAV Applications Using Robust Flare Planning Logic

March 2: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins NASA Contract for Multi-Robot Planetary Exploration

February 19: Aurora Awarded Contract by NASA to Study Balloon Launches From the Surface of Mars

February 6: Aurora Flight Sciences Displays GoldenEye 80 Unmanned Aircraft at Virginia AeroSpace Legislative Reception

January 21: Aurora Selected by Sikorsky Aircraft to Provide CH-53K Engine Nacelles

December 16: Aurora Joins MIT on NASA Study for Subsonic Commercial Transports

December 8: Aurora Selected for Air Vehicle Integration and Technology Research (AVIATR) Program

November 19: Aurora Flight Sciences Partners with Air Force Office of Scientific Research to Develop Autonomous UAV Aerial Recovery Technology

October 23: Aurora Flight Sciences Wins US Air Force Contract on Vision-Based Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Guidance

October 16: Aurora Flight Sciences Opens Major Expansion of Mississippi Manufacturing Facility

October 14: Aurora Flight Sciences Awarded Office of Naval Research Contract in Support of Multi-Vehicle Cooperation for Air and Sea Vehicles

October 9: Aurora Flight Sciences is Part of Northrop Grumman’s BAMS Team

September 16: Aurora Flight Sciences Initiates Collaborative Program with Olin College of Engineering

September 4: Northrop Grumman Corporation Cites Aurora Flight Sciences for Excellence in Manufacturing Performance

September 2: Aurora Signs Contract to Build Minotaur IV Composite Structures

August 5: New National Solar-Powered Model Endurance Record Set by Aurora Engineer

May 28: Rocketry Competition a Big Success for Mississippi Student Finalists

May 22: John Lambert Joins Aurora Flight Sciences

May 13: Student Mentoring Rockets to New Heights in Mississippi

April 14: DARPA Selects Aurora for Vulture Program

March 20: Aurora Flight Sciences names Lede’ as Vice President for Advanced Concepts

February 7: Aurora Flight Sciences Receives US Patent for Flight Suit Self-Actuating Survival Seal

January 9: Aurora Professional Engineering Services Now Available on GSA Schedule

December 20: Aurora Delivers First Sonobuoy Launcher to Sikorsky

December 18: Aurora Positive Pressure Relief Valves Perform As Planned

November 15: Aurora, General Dynamics Information Technology Win Air Force Long-Endurance UAV Contract

November 12: Aurora Flight Sciences Announces $15 Million Debt and Equity Financing Agreement

November 5: Former SOCOM Commander General Doug Brown Joins Aurora’s Board of Directors

October 29: Aurora Acquires Payload Systems, Inc.

October 24: Boeing Tests HALE Hydrogen Propulsion System Using Ford-Developed Engine (Boeing Release)

October 22: Jack L. Kerrebrock Joins Aurora Flight Sciences

October 19: Aurora Flight Sciences Research and Development Center Holds Open House

August 8: Aurora Receives Second FAA Experimental Airworthiness Certificate in Ten Weeks

August 6: Aurora Becomes Sales Agent for Diamond DA42 MPP Multi-Purpose Platform Aircraft

July 5: Army Signs Contract with Aurora for Continued Orion HALL Development

June 8: Antoine Deux Named Young Engineer of the Year by AIAA NCS

June 4: Aurora Wins Laser Assisted Machining Grant

May 23: Goldeneye-50 UAS Wins FAA Experimental Airworthiness Certificate

May 21: Aurora Flight Sciences Celebrates Grand Opening of Mississippi Manufacturing Facility

May 17: Dan Brady Named to Lead Aurora Aerostructures

May 17: Aurora Selected by Sikorsky Aircraft to Provide CH-53K Main Rotor Pylon

May 10: Aurora Wins MAV Navigation Development Contract

May 2: Aurora Wins Navy Contract to Help Counter IEDs

April 23: Aurora Selected for Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft

April 6: Aurora to Develop Enabling Technologies for Unmanned Vehicle Collaboration

March 26: Aurora Wins Phase II Award for Advanced Machining Concepts

February 12: Martin E. Dandridge Joins Aurora Flight Sciences Board of Directors

February 7: Ramon Lopez Joins Aurora Flight Sciences as Manager of Communications

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