Redefining the future of safe on-demand air travel and transportation.

PAV advances the future of flight and improves safe mobility on-demand. Urban air mobility has tremendous potential for changing the way people, goods, and ideas overcome today’s congested roadways.

PAV is an eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft or air taxi. It represents the next generation of autonomous electric aircraft that are safer, quieter, and cleaner. The PAV prototype provides a solution to the transportation challenges of the future while integrating into today’s current transportation systems.

PAV is able to autonomously transport passengers, plan routes, respond to contingencies, and detect and avoid unexpected obstacles. To navigate complex and busy urban environments, the aircraft is designed to operate with a vertiport system which will safely and quickly board and exit passengers.

PAV will bring flight closer to where you live by providing safe on-demand transportation to minimize long commutes due to heavy congestion and urbanization in populated areas.

PAV embodies the potential to change how people, goods, and ideas move throughout the world. Aurora Flight Sciences is developing both two and four-passenger variants with cargo options.

Designed for fully autonomous flight, from takeoff to landing.

A fully-electric vehicle designed to provide safe, clean, and quiet transportation.

Designed for urban commutes with typical ranges up to 50 miles.