Global Reach, Airborne for Months, Powered by the Sun

Odysseus is the world’s most capable, solar-powered, autonomous aircraft ready to deliver your mission from the stratosphere. This high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS ) provides the biggest payload capacity available in persistent, solar aviation.

Odysseus - High Altitude Platform Station

Odysseus changes how we use the sky, opening vast new possibilities for those who need to stay connected and informed.

Odysseus - HALE UAV, HAPS Drone

At a fraction of the cost of a satellite and with exponentially more time aloft than a conventional UAV, Odysseus is a customizable platform for your ultra-long-endurance mission requirements. Also known as a HALE UAV (High-Altitude, Long Endurance), Odysseus can carry a larger payload than any other aircraft in development or production in its class. This enables more missions and better resulting data quality from each mission.

Odysseus operates far above the weather and other aircraft with the ability to cover a broad geographic area while keeping its station. Powered by advanced solar cells and built with light-weight materials, it has zero emissions and can be repositioned and reprogrammed as mission requirements and technology evolve.

Welcome to the future of global research, communication, connectivity, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Odysseus is autonomous, powered by the sun, and can effectively fly indefinitely.

Persistently remain on-station, autonomously. No other solar aircraft offers this.

Greater year-round global operating zone than any other vehicle in its class.

Larger payload than any other aircraft in development or production in its class.

Research / Weather / Climate

Odysseus empowers climate researchers with long-term, high-resolution observation capabilities. It’s the right platform for today’s global researchers. Odysseus can measure vegetation, ice coverage and flow rates, and even ground moisture. Weather and storm monitoring during peak seasons becomes more affordable and accurate as a result of its ability to track and measure the movement of severe weather events. All while powered by clean, renewable energy.

Defense / Communications / Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

Odysseus provides continuous detection, protection and connectivity across the full spectrum of military operations at a fraction of the operational cost of conventional ISR platforms. For ISR, time-on-station is critical. Odysseus enables ultra-long coverage measured in months through advanced design and battery management. It travels to its destination and maintains its position autonomously. From takeoff through recovery months later, Odysseus empowers a broad range of intelligence-gathering applications and resilient military communications.

Connectivity / Communication

More than half the globe lacks high-speed internet connectivity. Odysseus makes communication in denied and underserved areas accessible and affordable. Plus, it can enhance connectivity for areas with existing coverage. Data demand is growing at an extremely high annual rate, driving the need for alternative, disruptive connectivity solutions. Odysseus bridges the gaps of today’s satellite and terrestrial networks. As technology and data use increase, faster and broader-bandwidth connections are needed. By landing and allowing for payload updates, Odysseus has the ability to keep up with advances in technology.

Emergency Response

Odysseus can provide connectivity and observation to disaster-stricken areas. It is capable of being pre-staged in anticipation of impending storms, stationed over wild fires to capture baseline imagery or dispatched quickly to an area in need of post-disaster imaging. The aircraft is perfectly suited to monitor and communicate in disaster zones for public safety, search and rescue, first-responder coordination, and connectivity restoration. All without worrying about refueling, landing or operator fatigue.

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Operates year-round at medium latitudes with capability to extend to higher latitudes during portions of the year.

Odysseus - Operating Areas

Able to persistently and autonomously maintain its position in any stratospheric conditions.

Flies autonomously to designated locations in the stratosphere, above controlled airspace and weather, for persistent operations.

Your station in the sky is now autonomous, solar-powered, and flies continuously for months.

Talk with Aurora, and learn how Odysseus can empower your mission in hard-to-connect, difficult-to-monitor locations.

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