Counter-UAS (CUAS)

A Flexible, AI-enabled CUAS Ecosystem

Aurora’s counter-drone technology includes a low-collateral effects UAS interceptor drone, fixed wing and multi-rotor aerial targets, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation software. Each component of our counter-UAS tool set is flexible and rapidly evolving to meet our customers’ needs.

Modular Intercept Drone Avionics Set (MIDAS)

MIDAS is Aurora’s AI-enabled, multi-rotor sUAV outfitted with optical sensors and a customized payload that can defeat multiple small UAVs per flight with low-collateral effects.

  • Autonomous from launch through landing

  • Cued by radar​; optical sensor guides to target

  • Precise aiming independent of flight direction

  • Low system cost and low cost per kill​

  • Ground radar interoperability and future proof AI algorithms

Aurora’s multi-rotor sUAV also offers an open architecture for payload integration. Its quick-change modular rails and onboard computer support variable payloads, providing flexibility for evolving threats and alternate use-cases.

Red Team Unmanned Aerial Targets

Red Team are reconfigurable, Group-1 Counter-UAS training assets. Both fixed-wing and multi-rotor configurations offer a low-cost solution for counter-UAS testing and training missions.

  • Standardized vehicle-agnostic avionics architecture​

  • Fully autonomous, requiring minimal operator training​​

  • Custom control system and mission planning software

  • Pre-planned threat behaviors: bombing run, terminal guidance, ISR, moving loiter​

  • Open-architecture modular payload bay

Multi-SUAS Hardware In The Loop Simulator (HILSIM)

Aurora’s HIL-Simulation software creates a virtual wargaming environment for operator training and tactics development​.

  • Actual Red Team avionics hardware-realistic behavior​

  • Modular with flexibility to scale​​

  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) development tool

  • Supports CONOPS development and virtual mission testing

Need more help with your counter drone program? Let us create a customized solution.

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