Award aims to enhance system design simulation to mitigate risk in critical military applications

MANASSAS, Va., March 4, 2021 — Under a new Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract, Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company, seeks to accelerate system simulation technology. Work will focus on improving computer-generated design models by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop future military equipment.

Known as the Ditto program, the goal of DARPA’s Intelligent Auto-Generation and Composition of Surrogate Models project is to establish an automated framework that will allow engineers to run full-system simulations. This will make it easier to detect errors and make informed decisions earlier in the design process.

“We’re proud to support DARPA’s proof of concept,” said Per Beith, Aurora President and CEO. “Together, our collaborative work on machine learning surrogates will advance the field of artificial intelligence.”

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