Program Overview

SideArm is a runway independent UAV launch and recovery system capable of both land and sea-based operations. Combined with its 1,100 lb aircraft,  the SideArm system brings runway independence to a new class of large Group 3 fixed wing UAVs. SideArm provides the versatility of rotary-wing aircraft with the payload and endurance of fixed-wing aircraft.

Aurora’s patented SideArm rail recovery device enables launch and recovery from a single apparatus. SideArm is designed to self-fold into a standard container. SideArm has been developed to a high level of technology readiness including successful testing on a production conforming, full scale system

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Single apparatus launches and recovers aircraft from austere sites
  • SideArm can relocate between launch and recovery events
  • Design supports a range of fixed-wing unmanned aircraft including weaponized BLOS aircraft
  • SideArm folds to fit inside a ship hangar or a 20-foot ISO container
  • Up to 225 lbs payload
  • 24 hour endurance
  • 2-4 man operation. System erects in minutes
  • Deployable by truck, CH-47, or C-130
  • Low cost of operation compared to VTOL platforms
  • BLOS communications integrated into the aircraft
  • Can be placed onto any ship with a helicopter flight deck
  • Funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

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