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December 6, 2012: Aurora Delivers First Centaur Optionally-Piloted Aircraft to Swiss Department of Defence

December 4, 2012: Sikorsky Delivers First CH-53K Prototype Heavy Lift Helicopter to Flight Test Team (Sikorsky press release)

October 22, 2012: Aurora and SRI International Sarnoff Integrate On-Board Video Processing into Skate SUAS

October 1, 2012: Aurora’s Skate® SUAS Embeds with Massachusetts SWAT Team

September 19, 2012: Mark Cherry Joins Aurora as President and COO

September 13, 2012: Aurora Flight Sciences Engineer to Participate in US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

August 17, 2012: Aurora’s Additive Manufacturing Wing Showcased in NAMII Announcement

August 13, 2012: DARPA Selects Aurora for Phoenix Program

August 7, 2012: Aurora’s Skate® SUAS Supports Aerial Surveying Missions in Peru

June 18, 2012: AIAA Recognizes Aurora Employees

April 30, 2012: Aurora Delivers Engine Nacelles to CH-53K Helicopter Program

March 20, 2012: Skate SUAS Wins Border Security Product Challenge Award

February 16, 2012: Aurora Selected by Raytheon for DARPA PCAS Program

February 1, 2012: Aurora’s Jay Gundlach Explores Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design in New Textbook

January 25, 2012: Swiss Department of Defence Becomes Centaur Launch Customer

January 23, 2012: Aurora Plays Key Role in Zero Robotics Competition Utilizing SPHERES on ISS

January 16, 2012: Aurora Joins Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER™ Team To Build a Next Generation Light Tactical Helicopter

January 9, 2012: Aurora Wins Design and Fabrication Contract for the Boeing SolarEagle

January 3, 2012: Aurora Delivers First Ship Set of Composite Structures for the BAMS UAS Program

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