The heart of innovation at Aurora lies in our Research and Development Center located in one of the country’s predominant high tech-hubs, Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Established in 2006, the RDC’s mission is to perform basic and applied research supporting Aurora’s core business and product development efforts in the areas of unmanned aircraft systems, small space systems and other flight vehicles. The RDC also provides service to numerous external clients including NASA, DOD and major government contractors.

Aurora’s Research sector is maturing technologies across a wide range of disciplines and developing innovative subsystems and components to integrate into technology markets. We focus on areas such as propulsion, guidance and control, fault-tolerant avionics systems and cutting-edge new vehicle designs.

The Kendall Square location is a key aspect of the RDC’s mission is to further research cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other esteemed universities. This partnership provides access to the innovative ideas coming from MIT faculty and students, and joins with Aurora’s proven ability to take technologies from the lab and make them into actual systems that can address customer needs.