Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAS

Revolutionary Endurance in a Flexible ISR and Communications Platform

The Orion medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft offers revolutionary range, duration, affordability, and flexibility. Capable of a five-day mission while carrying 1,000 lbs, Orion’s operational efficiency is unmatched, making it an ideal solution for persistent airborne intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications.

Better coverage with lower operational costs

Aurora’s Orion UAS has 3-4 times the endurance of currently fielded UAS, enabling 24/7 coverage with significantly fewer assets and sorties. Ultra-long mission duration and reach provide extended time on station with minimal support required, reducing the number of bases and deployed crew needed for worldwide operation.

Built-in mission flexibility

Orion’s open architecture, payload capacity, and power options allow for multi-domain configurations including ISR, communications, and more. Its 3900 lbs of payload capacity is distributed across two internal bays and two wing hardpoints. From C-130J transportability to long range remote operations, Orion can meet your mission’s needs.

Reliability by design

Designed to meet U.S. military structural, airworthiness and cyber certifications, and NATO standards compliant, Orion combines an efficient aerodynamic design with lightweight construction and heavy fuel propulsion. Orion has reliable twin engines and triplex flight controls with a fully autonomous take-off, landing, fault, and contingency management system.

Orion provides ultra-long endurance, range, and payload capacity while reducing operational costs.

How can Orion help meet your next challenge?