Five Reasons to Join Aurora Flight Sciences


Groundbreaking Research and Development.

Don’t wake up ten years from now wondering “what if?” This is your chance to be a part of some of the most exciting advancements of our lifetime: unmanned aircraft systems and robotics.


Size Does Matter.

While some people may want to be one of 15,000 engineers at a 65,000 person “Tier 1” company, that’s not us. Aurora engineers never get lost in the crowd and love being where they personally move their ideas forward along the innovation process.  At Aurora, your work doesn’t disappear into a corporate bureaucracy – you’re there on the flight line when your design takes to the air.


Job security in a culture of innovation.

The projections for the growth of the drone industry are astronomical.  Sure, you can find “a job” in just about every high tech sector.  But ask yourself first, is that future as bright as with unmanned systems?  Does it involve building robots that fly aircraft?  Or designing drones that stay aloft for weeks or months at a time?  Our breakthroughs have real-world, life-saving applications.  That’s why our engineers innovate with a passion.


Be a part of history.

Four words you’ll never hear Aurora management say to our engineers are “don’t push the boundaries.”   Our founder and others in senior management were young MIT engineers when they designed, built and flew a human-powered aircraft that set the world distance record for a flight from Crete to Santorini.  Fast forward a quarter century, and our team set the world unmanned endurance record with the 80-hour flight of our Orion drone for the U.S. Air Force. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the innovation mold is how our company’s founders have always operated.


Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon!

Keep an eye on Aurora in early 2016 when two major announcements will be made that will take our company to a whole new level in the world of unmanned flight.  (Sorry…it’s a secret for a few more months!)

Who We're Looking For...

Aurora consistently wins new and exciting business that requires a constant need to find talent. Click below to link to our list of current openings in each of our worldwide locations. But keep checking back, as this list changes almost daily to keep up with new programs. Click here to start your search.

We’re always looking for great talent! If you don’t see an opening that matches your skills but are interested in a career with us, please send us your resume.

Aurora is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.