Aurora Flight Sciences is a Tier 1 provider of high value added Aerostructures products to the prime aircraft companies in America’s aerospace, defense and civil aviation markets.

We provide full lifecycle support of our products from conceptual design development, to testing and first part qualification/certification. Aurora delivers finished products that are ready-to-install integrated assemblies utilizing advanced composite structures along with integrated subsystems such as pneumatics, fuel and air lines and avionics.

Aurora’s Aerostructures group specializes in complex design, build-to-print and rapid prototyping of airframes fabricated from advanced composite and metallic materials. We offer a full service solution; maintaining the unique ability to incorporate our engineering expertise and manufacturing talent to rapidly produce new products for our military and commercial customers.

Aurora Aerostructures works with its customers to:

  • Develop advanced materials and manufacturing process technologies through its Aurora Research & Prototyping (AR&P) branch
  • Leverage automation to scale technologies and transition them into production
  • Deliver high quality complex composite primary and secondary structures/assemblies on time

Aurora Research & Prototyping (AR&P)

Aurora Research & Prototyping focuses on developing technologies for insertion into production programs, with an emphasis on cost efficiency for full rate production. We work with our customers on military, commercial, and space programs aimed at:

  • Converting hand layup designs to automated fiber placement/tape layup,
  • Converting from a metal to composite structure
  • Developing new materials and manufacturing processes that improve performance, quality, and reduce costs

Aurora AR&P Customers include: Boeing, Harris Corporation, GE Middle River, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Korean Aerospace Industries.

Areas of R&D include:

  • Structural antennas
  • Thermal Management
  • 3D printed tooling
  • Self-healing materials
  • AFP of thin ply composites
  • AFP of dry fiber

For more information on these programs and how AR&P can work with you on your development programs, please contact:

Dr. Jay Snider
Aerostructures R&D Manager


Aurora is investing in greater automation in the manufacturing environment to drive down costs and improve quality, performance, and safety. The goal is to establish a “Smart Factory”, in which flexible robotic systems collect large amounts of data and communicate with other systems and humans to optimize process efficiency.

Aurora automation equipment includes:

  • Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Additive Manufacturing System
  • Electroimpact 7-axis high rail gantry Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)
  • Electroimpact Flexible Robotic Composite Manufacturing Cell (FRCMC) for highly accurate machining and dimensional inspection
  • For more on Aurora’s manufacturing equipment and facilities, please refer to our Aerostructures brochure
Download the Aerostructures Brochure

Aerostructures Production Programs

Aurora’s Aerostructures business unit specializes in complex design, build-to-print, and rapid prototyping of metallic and composite airframes fabricated via a combination of manual (i.e. hand layup) and automated processes (e.g., Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)).

We offer a full-service solution while maintaining the unique ability to integrate our engineering expertise and manufacturing talent to rapidly produce new products for our military and commercial customers.

A full list of our aerostructure component manufacturing programs is below:

Our core competencies are:

  • Air Vehicles
  • Wings and Lifting Surfaces
  • Fuselages
  • Engine Nacelles
  • Fairings, Pylons and Radomes
  • Control Surfaces
  • Doors and Reinforced Structures

Northrop Grumman Global Hawk and Triton

Facility: Bridgeport, West Virginia
Components: Fuselage, Nacelle and V-Tail Assembly
Program: Build-to-print

Sikorsky CH-53K

Facility: Bridgeport, West Virginia
Components: Nacelles, Main Rotor Pylon
Program: Build-to-print, Design and Build

Sikorsky S-92

Facility: Columbus, Mississippi
Components: Upper Clam Shell/Slider Door, Lower Door
Program: Build-to-print

Rolls Royce V-22 Osprey

Facility: Bridgeport, West Virginia
Components: IRS Nacelles
Program: Design and Build

Gulfstream G500

Facility: Columbus, Mississippi
Components: Horizontal Tail
Program: Build-to-print

Sikorsky MH-60-R Sonobuoy

Facility: Columbus, Mississippi
Components: Launcher Assembly
Program: Build-to-print

Sikorsky S-97

Facility: Bridgeport, West Virginia
Components: Airframe, Empennage
Program: Design and Build