Vice President, Human Resources

Dr. Alex Mozdzanowska is Vice President, Human Resources at Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company. Most recently serving as Director of HR Technology and Operations, Mozdzanowska has demonstrated a record of successfully managing strategic initiatives and has developed a deep understanding of the Aurora business and culture vital to the company’s future.

Mozdzanowska has been an exemplary leader at Aurora since 2016, overseeing program operations and working to stand up the Boeing Aerospace & Autonomy Center.

Before joining Aurora, Mozdzanowska was the Director of Operations at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sandbox. Prior, she directed research and growth efforts at a local startup, Hopper. Mozdzanowska also worked as a program manager at MIT, coordinating internal projects for the School of Engineering, as well as research programs with NASA and the FAA.

Mozdzanowska holds a Ph.D. in engineering systems, Master of Science degree in aeronautics and astronautics, Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering, and a Bachelor of Science degree in literature from MIT.