Aurora Flight Sciences Announces Strategic Reorganization

Manassas, Virginia, October 30, 2018 – Aurora Flight Sciences today announced a strategic reorganization that will promote its agility in rapid prototype and better serve customers as it increases its pace of innovation and growth. The new structure organizes Aurora’s core business operations around three strategic priorities: optimize the value of Aurora’s capabilities today, accelerate future capabilities to explore new markets, and create a more responsive enterprise framework that allows Aurora’s first-class engineering talent to collaborate across programs and operations.

Brian Yutko is named senior vice president of Programs to drive technological innovation, explore new markets, and allocate resources with a greater focus on execution and profitable growth across Aurora’s portfolio of programs. Yutko has been instrumental in building programs of the future at Aurora, leading R&D across the business and engineering excellence on key development programs.

Matt Hutchison is named senior vice president of Operations, leading Aurora’s core business operations including engineering, manufacturing, and quality. Hutchison brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in the aerospace industry, with a particular focus on unmanned aircraft system development.

Blythe Jameson joins Aurora as vice president of Communications and Marketing, leading communications, marketing, and branding strategy and implementation for the business. Jameson previously led communications and market positioning for a number of key business segments at The Boeing Company, including space and satellites, aftermarket support, and services and R&D.

Jeanine Boyle joins Aurora as vice president of Human Resources and is responsible for developing compelling and innovative strategies to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in aerospace autonomy. Prior to Aurora, Jeanine spent eight years with Johnson & Johnson and, in her last role, served as the vice president of Human Resources for US Pharmaceuticals.

“Last year’s acquisition by Boeing has had a transformative effect, allowing us to realize our growth potential,” said John Langford, president and CEO of Aurora. “Our new structure brings more expertise into our executive suite around new capabilities that create more efficiency and bring even more agility to our operations. This is an exciting time to be at Aurora.”