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Aurora Flight Sciences has developed a family of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) tailored for use in urban or crowded environments. These new SUAS are designed to be lightweight, easily portable, deliver long endurance on quiet electric power, and provide autonomous operation.

Skate UAS merges the simplicity and endurance of a fixed wing platform with the maneuverability and mission flexibility of a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) asset. Independently articulating motor pods allow the Skate UAS to rapidly transition between vertical and horizontal flight. Transferring from hovering to wingborne flight increases the endurance and range of the system to levels characteristic of a fixed wing platform and far beyond those of a traditional VTOL asset

The thrust vectoring provided by the motor pods also enables extreme maneuverability and rapid navigation of congested environments such as city streets and urban canyons. Skate’s modular airframe provides a substantial sensor payload capability, as well as quick deployment and easy field repair.

Aurora recognizes that today’s operations need high performing and logistically efficient UAS to provide first-hand intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for pop-up and fleeting threats. The new Aurora Skate SUAS puts this capability in the hands of the individual warfighter.

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Skate - Night Vision

  • EO Payload Pod (standard with all Skate systems)
    • Three aperture, full-motion video (FMV) color video cameras
    • Can be configured for up to six apertures

Skate - Handheld

  • IR Payload Pod
    • Twin aperture, EO/IR payload pod
    • FLIR Tau 320 or Tau 640 LWIR cameras
  • High Definition (HD) Video Payload Pod (1080p HD video; SD video; stills)
  • Upcoming Payload Pod Options:
    • EO/IR Payload Pod with Laser Illumination
    • Chemical Taggant Deployment Pod
    • Custom Tailored Payload Pods