Although it is often associated with the armed forces or defense missions, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) is a largely encompassing field of operations with numerous applications. Commercial ISR capabilities range from landscape surveying and mapping, to building and infrastructure inspection. Aurora’s UAS are developed and equipped to execute all of these applications and more.

The Centaur Optionally Piloted Aircraft and the Orion long endurance UAS can each carry and operate Electro-Optical/Infrared sensors, synthetic aperture radars, LiDAR systems, hyperspectral sensors, intelligence systems, and a host of other instruments in various combinations to meet our clients’ needs.
In addition to defense missions, the use of ISR can enhance operations for a number of industries including agriculture, land surveying, pipeline inspection, fishery monitoring and oil, gas, and mining support.

Aurora’s ISR capabilities can meet the demanding security needs of defense services, while also providing unparalleled support for science and commercial applications. The Aurora team stands ready to provide our capabilities and services. Through a fee-for-services model, we will provide turnkey operations staffed by Aurora personnel with the primary deliverable being the end-product desired by our customer.