Aurora in the News

Machine Design: NASA’s Green Thumb for Green Aviation (3/20)

Electronics 360: Video:Carrier-style Launch and Recovery Drones, Mars Heat Shields, and More (3/10)

Potomac Local: Manassas City businesses shine, take home top awards (3/2)

Prince William Living: Prince William Chamber of Commerce Announces 2017 Business Award Winners (3/2)

USA Today: The next big thing: Drones supplying U.S. troops (2/22)

NOAA: NOAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (2/21)

UAS Magazine: DARPA unveils shipping container-sized UAV deployment system (2/16)

Vertiflite Magazine: Electric VTOL Wheel of Fortune (March/April 2017)

Inside NOVA: Prince William Chamber announces business award nominees (2/10) Launching and Retrieving Drones on the Fly (2/9)

Shephard: SideArm launches, retrieves UAS (2/8)

Mashable: The new technology that can snatch drones right out of the sky (2/8)

Signal Magazine: Blog: DARPA’s SideArm Project Helps Aircraft Stop Short (2/8)

Inverse:  DARPA is Developing a Drone Slingshot to Put on Aircraft Carriers (2/8) Darpa is working on a net that can catch drones in mid-air

Publicist Report: DARPA has worked on plan to snatch drones out of the air (2/8)

Defense Industry Daily: DARPA’s SideArm Flexes its Muscle in Demo (2/8)

Aviation Week: Darpa Funding New Ship-Based UAV Launch System (2/7)

IHS Jane’s: SideArm undergoes successful testing (2/7)

Popular Mechanics: DARPA’s New Robot Arm Catches Drones in Midair (2/7)

The Drive: DARPA’s New Project Sidearm Snatches Drones From the Sky (2/7)

The Verge: Watch DARPA’s plan to snatch drones out of the air (2/7)

Executive Biz: Aurora Flight Sciences Tests UAS Capture System Prototype Under DARPA Program (2/7)

Wired: Watch DARPA’s ”Project SideArm” pluck a drone out of the air (2/7)

Electronics 360: Video: DARPA Creates Drone-Catching Portable Rail (2/7)

Military Embedded Systems: Prototype demonstration catches 400-pound unmanned system (2/7)

IConnect007: SideArm Prototype Catches Full-Size Unmanned Aerial System Flying at Full Speed (2/7)

International Business Times: Darpa develops system to launch and retrieve large drones travelling at speed in midair (2/7)

WXYZ Detroit: VIDEO: DARPA builds system to catch heavy drones from trucks, ships (2/7)

Yibada: ‘SideArm’ System from DARPA can Launch and Recover Aerial Drones Travelling at Speed in Midair (2/7)

UPI: DARPA demonstrates SideArm UAS capture system (2/6)

DARPA: SideArm Prototype Catches Full-Size Unmanned Aerial System Flying at Full Speed (2/6)

New Atlas: DARPA’s SideArm prototype launches and retrieves drones in short order (2/6)

Network World: How to catch a 400lb drone traveling at full speed (2/6)

Next Big Future: SideArm Catches Full-Size Unmanned Aerial System Flying at Full Speed (2/6)

Daily Mail: Who needs a runway! DARPA reveals SideArm ‘fishing net’ that can catch drones in mid air (2/6)

Kit Guru: DARPA has made a carrier-style drone-catcher (2/6)

Engadget: DARPA’s SideArm system snares drones from mid-air (2/6)

Tech Crunch: DARPA shows off its SideArm system catching drones mid-flight (2/6)

Slash Gear: DARPA SideArm prototype snags drones out of the air (2/6)

Popular Science: Watch DARPA’s robot arm catch a drone in mid-air (2/6)

Aviation Week: Aurora’s LightningStrike Designated XV-24A (2/1)

Aviation Week: Aurora To Test Transition For Darpa’s LightningStrike (1/20)

Aviation Week: Aurora Refines Design Of Ultraefficient D8 Airliner (1/18)

Eos: Measuring Earth’s Gravity Field from the Air (1/10)

Daily Mail UK: DARPA’s autonomous flight program steps closer to reality after successful tests with ‘robot pilot’ in planes and a helicopter (12/29)

NASA: NASA Aeronautics in 2016: This is the Story (12/21)

Air & Space Smithsonian: This Huey Flies Itself (12/15)

Clarksville Online: NASA tests new Boundary Layer Ingesting Propulsor Jet Engine Design (12/12)

Design Engineering: NASA tests unique embedded jet engine design (12/13)

Daily Mail UK: The future of flying: NASA tests radical new embedded jet engine that could make ‘double bubble’ eco friendly aircraft a reality (12/7)

Geo TV: Pilotless planes may be landing at airports by 2020 (12/6)

Aviation Week: Technologies that will shape the future (11/24)

Financial Times: UK learns from Pentagon model to drive technological innovation (11/23)

Scout: Classic Old School Huey Helicopters Become Attack Drones (11/22)

Aviation Week: DARPA Sees Cockpit Assistance Building Pilots’ Trust In Autonomy (11/21)

Aviation Week: Podcast: Can A Robot Be Your Co-pilot? (11/18)

Prince William Times: Aurora Flight Sciences dives into shark territory (11/16)

Financial News UK: Aurora develops autonomous flight system on unmanned UH-1H (11/15)

Shephard Media: Centaur OPA tracks great whites (11/14) UH-1H “Huey” Next Test Bed for Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (11/14)

Aviation Week: Aurora Modifies UH-1 To Demo Unmanned Resupply (11/14)

AUVSI: Aurora Looking to Make Huey Helicopter Optionally Piloted (11/14)

Rotor & Wing International: Huey to get Aurora Autonomous Treatment (11/14) U.S. Navy’s TALOS System Can Make Supply Missions Autonomous (11/14)

CNN: US military unveils futuristic helicopter (11/13)

International Business Times: Facing military pilot shortage? Hire DARPA robot co-pilot (11/12)

IHS Jane’s 360: Aurora developing unmanned ‘Huey’ helo (11/11)

New Atlas: Unmanned UH-1H helicopter in the works (11/11)

American Security Today: Aurora to Develop Unmanned UH-1H (See in Action) (11/11)

Executive Biz: Aurora Flight Sciences, Sikorsky Develop Robotic Copilot Systems Under DARPA Program (11/11)

Next Big Future: Robotic Huey Helicopters are on the way (11/11)

Defense One: Unmanned Hueys Are Coming (11/11)

Flight Global: Aurora Flight Sciences to develop unmanned Huey (11/10)

Defense Update: Aurora Tailors an Unmanned Flight Suite for the Huey (11/10)

Aviation Today: Aurora to Develop Unmanned UH-1H (11/10)

Flight Global: Aurora Flight Sciences to develop unmanned Huey (11/10)

DC Newsroom: Video: Unmanned flight system under development for Huey helicopter (11/10)

Financial News UK: Aurora’s Centaur offers aerial support to local white sharks off Nantucket (11/10)

Defense News: DARPA Banks on Robot Copilots to Help Quell Military Pilot Shortage (11/9)

TNV: Government wants robot pilots to fly passenger and cargo planes (11/1)

Route Fifty: Drone Aspirations in Virginia Coal Country Get a Federal Boost (10/31)

Financial News: Aurora to establish drone training in SW Virginia (10/31)

Engineering 360: Robot Flies Cessna Caravan (10/31)

Defense World: DARPA Develops Digital Copilot For Military Aircraft (10/29)

Defense Systems: DARPA tests airplane with human-machine interface (10/27)

National Interest: DARPA Flies Plane with Robot Co-Pilot (10/27)

UAS Magazine: Drones and the economy (10/27)

Wired: Inside Uber’s Plan to Take Over the Skies With Flying Cars (10/27)

The Daily Star UK: Life on Mars: Will we be living in these red-planet igloos by 2037? (10/27)

Inverse: How Uber thinks its aircraft service will work (10/27)

WJHL News Channel 11: Gov. McAuliffe to visit Mountain Empire Comm. College in Big Stone Gap Wednesday (10/25)

Geo TV Network: RoboCap, the pilot of the future? (10/24)

The Manufacturer: Aurora demonstrates autonomous co-pilot technology (10/23)

Slash Gear: Aurora ALIAS program is an automated flight system for aircraft (10/21)

AIN Online: Aurora Demonstrates Automation Aboard Caravan (10/20)

Financial News: Aurora showcases advanced aircraft autonomy system (10/20)

National Defense Magazine: All-Electric, Hybrid Aircraft Engine Research Taking Off (10/20)

Futura-Tech: Alias, le robot qui peut piloter n’importe quel avion (10/20)

Shephard: ALIAS flies Cessna (10/19)

ABC 7: Virginia-based company tests robotic co-piloted planes (10/19)

BBC: Robot arm helps fly aircraft (10/19)

University Herald: DARPA’s First Robot-Manned Flight Has Just Happened (10/19)

Stuff Travel: Robot pilots may someday fly passenger planes (10/19)

Whatech: Unmanned cargo aircraft (uca) systems market growth overview, regional analysis, its key manufacturers like md building products and more in a new 2016 research report (10/19)

Engineering and Technology: Robot first officer flies Cessna Caravan plane in DARPA experiment (10/19)

Airforce Technology: Aurora demonstrates automated flight capabilities of ALIAS (10/19)

The Drive: Watch This DARPA Robot Co-Pilot Take Over a Plane’s Controls (10/19)

The Register: DARPA unveils robot co-pilot (10/19)

Engineer: Autonomous system earns wings on multiple aircraft (10/19)

Consumer Connection: Aurora demonstrates automated flight capabilities of ALIAS (10/19)

Military Embedded Systems: Aurora demos automated flight capabilities for DARPA’s ALIAS program (10/19)

Business Insider: A robot has been tested as a plane pilot (10/19)

KCRA NBC 3: Robot pilots may someday fly passenger, cargo planes (10/19)

The Drive: Watch This DARPA Robot Co-Pilot Take Over a Plane’s Controls (10/19)

Aviation Today: Aurora Shows Off Aircraft Autonomy through DARPA Program (10/18) DARPA Project Gives A Robotic Arm Its Pilot’s License (10/18)

WESA: In this week’s tech headlines (10/18) Will DARPA’s Robotic Arm Be Your Copilot? (10/18)

Associated Press: That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot (10/18)

Aviation Week: Watch: Robotic Copilot Demonstrated By Aurora Flight Sciences (10/18)

Jane’s: Aurora showcases new automation system on turboprop, prepares for military demo (10/18)

Flight Global: Aurora Flight Sciences unveils robotic pilot assistant (10/18)

Popular Mechanics: Watch DARPA’s Robot Copilot Fly a Cessna (10/18)

Engadget: Watch DARPA’s autopilot system fly a turboprop plane (10/18)

Robotics & Automation News: Darpa-backed company demonstrates semi-autonomous plane co-piloted by a robot (10/18)

New Atlas: Robotic ALIAS puts Cessna Caravan through basic maneuvers (10/18)

Daily Mail UK: Would you trust AI to fly a plane? (10/18)

PD&D: Watch a Robot Co-Pilot Fly a Cessna (10/18)

Aviation Week: Aurora Demos Robotic Co-pilot Under Darpa’s Alias (10/17)

NASA Aeronautical News: NASA Takes Next Step in Green Aviation X-planes Plans (10/12)

Manassas Patch: Tracking Great White Sharks Aided by Firm in Manassas (10/5)

Dagens industri: Uber satsar på flygtaxi (10/5) (Video/Swedish)

Aviation Week: Aurora’s Orion UAV Returning to Flight After Pause (9/20)

Aviation Week: Aurora Advances MIT’s D8 Airliner Concept With Demo Plans (9/29)

Shephard Media: AUSA 2016: V-247 to provide pivotal vigilance (9/27)

Daily Mail: Uber could offer self-driving drone taxis in cities within the next ten years (9/26)

PC Magazine: Uber Eyes Aircraft That Can Take Off Vertically (9/26)

Tech Times: Uber Wants To Build Small Planes To Beat Traffic In Cities (9/26)

Rotor & Wing International: VTOL Prototypes Poised for Flight (9/23)

Defense News: RPAs Need Improvements to Stay Alive on Future Battlefields, Experts Say (9/22)

Air Force Times: RPAs Need Improvements to Stay Alive on Future Battlefields, Experts Say (9/22)

Inside NOVA: NASA awards $2.9 million contract to Aurora (9/22)

Next Big Future: US Marines want laser armed version of VTOL Xplane (9/22)

Air Force Magazine: Unmanned Systems, Unfulfilled Promise (9/21)

Executive Biz: Aurora Flight Sciences to Continue NASA Mature D8 Experimental Aircraft Concept Development (9/21)

The Fiscal Times: Laser-Armed Drones May Be Just a Decade Away (9/20)

Aviation Week: Aurora’s Orion UAV Returning To Flight After Pause (9/20)

AIN Online: Experts: Unmanned Aircraft Must Operate in Contested Airspace (9/20)

Defense One: Tomorrow’s Laser-Armed Helicopter Drones (9/19)

Seeker: Glider Yacht, Electric Fabric and a Solar Car (9/18)

Sputnik News: NASA Developing Futuristic Hyper-Efficient Passenger Jet (9/17)

International Business Times: Aurora D8: Nasa spending $2.9m to revitalise ‘double bubble’ subsonic twin-hull planes by 2027 (9/16)

Daily Star UK: NASA reveals plane of the future set for 2027 – it’s faster than the speed of sound (9/16)

Daily Mail: The future of flying: ‘Double bubble’ plane could take to the skies in 2027 after getting Nasa funding (9/15)

Express: Faster than the speed of SOUND: Nasa’s radical future plan for plane travel (9/16)

Flyer Talk: ‘Double Bubble’ Aircraft Receives Nasa Funding (9/15)

WTOP: Manassas company designing airplane of the future (9/14) NASA Awards Design Contract For More Efficient Commercial Airliner (9/14)

Financial News: Aurora FS awarded NASA contract for development of D8 X-plane (9/14)

New Atlas: NASA backs X-plane development of twin-hull Aurora D8 airliner (9/14)

Avionics Today: It’s a D8: Aurora Wins $2.9 Million Contract to Continue Super Efficient Aircraft Development (9/14)

Technology Champ: ‘Double bubble’ plane could take to the skies in 2027 after getting Nasa funding (9/14)

Aviation Week: NASA Studies Subsonic X-plane Options, Costs (9/13)

BBC: Would you fly in a pilotless airliner? (9/13)

Meridian Press: Students, public to see live space broadcast at BSU (8/12)

The Exponent Telegram: State middle school teams compete in zero robotics national tournament (8/12)

Aviation Week: Aurora Uses Centaur OPA to Build UAV Hub (8/11)

Intelligent Aerospace: Aurora Looks to Expand Unmanned Flight Operations in Virginia (8/11)

Aviation Week: Aurora Flight Sciences To Expand Unmanned Flights in Virginia (8/8)

Prince William Times: Aurora Looks to Expand Unmanned Flight Operations in Virginia (8/5)

AUVSI: Aurora Flight Sciences Looking to Expand UAS Testing in Virginia (8/3)

Potomac Local: Lovejoy: A strong city needs a strong manufacturing base (8/3)

Kingsport Tennessee Times News: Taking flight: Company chooses Wise airport to expand testing of optionally piloted aircraft (8/3)

Financial News UK: Aurora to expand unmanned flight operations in Virginia (8/3)

Area Development: Aurora Flight Sciences Expands Operations To Wise County, Virginia (8/1)

New York Post: In 15 years, we could be flying in silent planes that emit zero fumes (7/30)

Aviation Week: Technologies That Will Shape the Future (7/29)

Vertiflite: Aurora’s subscale vehicle demonstrator flies (July/August 2016 issue)

The Guardian: Could vertical take-off electric planes replace cars in our cities? (7/20)

Inside Indiana Business: Indiana: Keeping Americans Safe (7/12)

Lexology: The Rise of 3D Printing: Five Employer Considerations for Additive Manufacturing (7/8)

Magic Valley Times-News: Middle schoolers get taste of space engineering (7/8)

Twin Falls Times-News: CSI plans robotics summer program (6/24)

DOHA News: Qatar to step up military security with its own drone technology (6/17)

WJHL: Drones may soon prompt big business in Southwest Virginia (6/16)

Bristol Herald Courier: Unmanned plane considered for test flights in Southwest Virginia (6/16)

FAI: Real-life ‘Daedalus’ unveils plaque to historic human-powered flight (6/11)

Military Embedded Systems: Autonomous flights at the touch of the pilot’s fingertips (6/10)

The National Interest: Why America’s Air Force Needs to Revive the High-Low Mix (6/9)

Griffin Daily News: Griffin native working on drones (6/7)  Subscription required

The Exponent Telegram: Aerospace education center boosts area economy (6/5)

UPI: Aurora tests remote aircraft system for USMC (6/3)

West Virginia Executive Magazine: Winner’s Circle 2016: West Virginia Manufacturing (6/2/)

Business Insider (Malaysia): The military is building a plane that can fly vertically like a helicopter and doesn’t need a pilot (6/1)

Defense Industry Daily: June 1 Defense Industry Daily Recap (6/1)

Aviation Week: U.S. Navy Program Advances Safe Autonomous Rotorcraft Flight (5/31) Subscription required

Shephard: Aurora tests AACUS capabilities (5/30)

DVIDS: Aurora test new capabilities for Marines (5/27)

ComputerWorld: The coolest 3D-printed things at the RAPID conference (5/23)

Flight Global: Aurora expands LightningStrike testing, eyes FVL (5/19)

NASA: SPHERES: How a Class Project Turned into an Experiment Facility in Space (5/18)

Breaking Defense: Army Mulls Hybrid Electric For Next Gen Drones (5/18)

Aviation Week: WPI, Aurora Researching Safer Autonomous UAVs (5/17)

Voice of America: US Military Seeks New Vertical-Takeoff Planes (5/13)

SBIR NASA: Success Story: ISS Universal Battery Charger (UBC) (5/6)

Gainesville Times: Aurora Flight Sciences headed to new heights (5/5)

Reuters: Commentary: The Pentagon again vies to build a better ‘X-plane’ (5/5) Feasibility of Hovering Aircraft Demonstrated with 3D Printing (5/5)

3ders: DARPA TRADES program developing advanced materials with 3D printing and man-machine teaming (3/29)

Defense News: Army Wants To Link All Drones on the Battlefield (4/27)

NOAA: Flying high to measure gravity: humans optional (4/26)

Motherboard: DARPA’s Vertical Takeoff/Landing X-Plane Takes Its First Flight (4/25)

Automotive News: NASA project: Getting cars ready for takeoff (4/24)

Popular Science: Watch DARPA’s VTOL drone perform its first vertical take-off (4/21)

Mirror: Astonishing footage shows first ever flight of radical new plane that takes off VERTICALLY (4/21)

Air & Space Magazine: Lightning Strikes for the First Time (4/20)

Shephard Media: Aurora flies subscale LightningStrike (4/20)

Yahoo! Finance: Scale Model of Experimental LightningStrike Aircraft Completes Successful Takeoff and Landing (4/20)

Aerotech News: Aurora successfully flies subscale X-plane aircraft (4/20)

ECN: DARPA’s ‘Osprey of Tomorrow’ Crushes Its First Test Flight (4/19)

IHS Jane’s: Aurora flies sub-scale X-Plane demonstrator (4/19)

UPI: Aurora flies sub-scale demonstrator of experimental plane (4/19)

Poplular Mechanics: DARPA’s Bonkers 24-Prop Plane Takes Flight (4/19)

3ders: 3D printed prototype of Aurora and DARPA’s VTOL X-Plane takes flight (4/19)

PC Magazine: Mini Version of DARPA X-Plane Completes Test Flight (4/19)

20 Minuten: US-Militär zeigt Hybrid-Drohne mit 24 Propellern (4/19)

Aviation Week: Aurora Flies Subscale Darpa VTOL X-Plane (4/18)

Flight Global: Aurora flies subscaled electric VTOL demonstrator (4/18)

Daily Mail: Watch as prototype of radical US military ‘Lightning Strike’ plane that doesn’t need a runway takes off VERTICALLY using 24 fans (4/18)

Aviation Week: Watch: Aurora Flies Subscale Model Hybrid-Electric VTOL Aircraft (4/19)

Gizmodo: A Prototype of DARPA’s Badass Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Can Already Fly (4/19)

Engadget: DARPA’s wild 24-fan aircraft flies for the first time (4/18)

Gizmag: DARPA VTOL X-plane takes flight in miniature (4/18)

UberGizmo: Aurora Vertical Takeoff Concept Actually Works (4/18)

Defense Daily: Aurora Flies Subscale VTOL X-Plane For DARPA At U.S. Facility (4/18)

Mirror: DARPA reveals footage of experimental ‘LightningStrike’ vertical take-off drone it’s building for US military chiefs (4/19)

The Verge: Watch DARPA’s bizarre 24-motor drone aircraft fly for the first time (4/18)

Airforce Technology: Aurora completes first flight of VTOL X-plane prototype (4/19)

Cnet: DARPA successfully tests 24-rotor VTOL aircraft (4/19)

T3: Watch this pilotless, 24-fan aircraft lift off for the first time (4/19)

Defense World: Aurora Demos Subscale X-Plane Aircraft For DARPA VTOL Program (4/19)

Inverse: Watch a Scale-Model of DARPA’s New X-Plane Take Its First Flight (4/19)

Charleston Gazette Mail: Aerospace industry flying high in Bridgeport (4/1716)

National Defense Magazine: X-Plane May Impact Future Vertical Lift Program (May Edition)

Aviation Week: UAS, Space Big With Venture Capital A&D Investors (Subscription) (4/4)

Columbus Dispatch: Aurora to build test drone for DARPA project (4/4)

Doha News: Qatar to buy QR32.6bn worth of arms as part of military build-up (4/1)

The Peninsula: Dimdex ends with QR32.58bn deals (4/1)

Business Standard: Qatar signs $8.95 billion arms deals (4/1)

Defense News: Qatar signs deals worth $9B at DIMDEX (3/31)

Gulf Digital News: Qatar signs eight MoUs to enhance armed forces (3/31)

Kuwait News Agency: Qatar signs 8 deals on final day of DIMEX 2016 (3/31)

MassLive: WPI researchers working on improving the unmanned element in unmanned drones (3/31)

Gulf Times: New defence deals signed as as Dimdex concludes (3/31)

Duke University: Duke Robotics Gets an Arm and a Leg Up (3/30)

Rome Sentinel: Word of drone activity at Griffiss Airport generates buzz (3/30)

MIT Technology Review: The Race for the Ultra-Efficient Jet Engine of the Future (3/23)

Aviation week: Aurora Awarded 2016 Innovation Laureate For Orion (3/18)

UAS Magazine: Fixed-wing, large UAV manufacturers each get private investment (3/17)

Business Insider: This plane will make airport runways obsolete (3/15)

Stars and Stripes: DARPA drone opens new possibilities for vertical takeoff aircraft (3/14)

The Motley Fool: DARPA’s LightningStrike Hybrid-Electric Plane Could Be a Stroke of Genius (3/13)

The Daily Beast: DARPA’s New ‘LightningStrike’ Plane: Up Like a Chopper, Out Like a Jet (3/13)

Product Design and Development: DARPA’s VTOL X-Plane Features 24 Electric Fans for Vertical Takeoff (3/11)

Houston Chronicle: DARPA releases concept video of new VTOL design (3/10)

Manufacturing Minute: DARPA’s VTOL ‘X-Plane’ (Video)

Live Science: New ‘LightningStrike’ Plane Will Take Off, Hover & Land Vertically (3/9)

Fiscal Times: The Pentagon Unveils the Helicopter-Plane of the Future (3/9)

ECN: DARPA’s Experimental VTOL Plane Looks Like the Osprey of Tomorrow (3/8)

Air & Space Magazine: DARPA Picks Aurora Flight Sciences For New X-Plane (3/8)

Financial Express: Pentagon Awards $89m for New Hybrid-Electric VTOL Prototype (3/8)

Gas2: Electric Airplanes Getting Closer To Reality (3/8/16)

Homeland Preparedness News: DARPA grants Aurora Flight Sciences VTOL plane program (3/8)

Dezeen Magazine: US government gives go ahead to high-speed drone capable of vertical takeoff (3/8)

Defense Systems: DARPA’s high-speed vertical-lift plane goes to Phase 2 (3/7)

Defense Industry Daily: DARPA Selects Aurora Flight Sciences for VTOL Phase 2 (3/7)

Foreign Policy: Situation Report (blurb at end of article) (3/7)

Belfast Telegraph: DARPA unveils LightningStrike VTOL X-Plane, its new unmanned vertical take-off aircraft (3/7)

Blastr: DARPA’s experimental, vertical takeoff X-Plane looks like a cutting-edge UFO (3/7)

Defense Industry Daily: DARPA Selects Aurora Flight Sciences for VTOL Phase 2  (3/7)

National Post: Pentagon hands out $118M contract to build ‘LightningStrike’ plane that can take off and land vertically (3/7)

HNGN: Aurora Flight Sciences’ LightningStrike VTOL Bags DARPA Contract (3/7)

Aerospace Technology: DARPA selects Aurora Flight to build VTOL X-Plane prototype  (3/7)

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design: Aurora Flight Sciences to build DARPA’s VTOL technology demonstrator (3/7)

International Business Times: Meet The X-Plane: The Military’s Planned Helicopter-Plane Hybrid That Is Operated Remotely [VIDEO] (3/6)

AIN Online: Aurora Wins Darpa Contract to Build Novel Drone Demonstrator (3/6)

Gizmag: DARPA’s unmanned X-Plane packs electric fans aplenty for vertical take-off and landing (3/6)

New Day Post: DARPA reveals his last VTOL design, lands and takes off vertically, DARPA VTOL Plane Video (3/6)

Fortune: Pentagon Awards $89 Million for New Hybrid-Electric VTOL Prototype (3/6)

CNN: DARPA picks ‘LightningStrike’ as experimental VTOL plane (3/5)

Tech Times: DARPA VTOL Experimental Plane (X-Plane) LightningStrike Enters Phase 2: Pushing Technology Needle The Farthest (3/5)

Top News AE: Aurora Flight Sciences Awarded $89 Million for New Hybrid-Electric VTOL Prototype by the Pentagon (3/5)


Next Big Future: DARPA improving vertical takeoff and landing demonstrator (3/5)

BGR: DARPA’s crazy plane design could allow for vertical takeoffs (3/5)

Reuters: Aurora Flight Sciences wins $89 million contract for X-plane (3/4)

Mirror: Watch as incredible experimental plane takes off vertically without a runway (3/4)

Gizmodo: DARPA’s New Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Concept Looks Totally Badass (3/4)

Defense News: DARPA’s Vertical Takeoff ‘X-Plane’ Contract Goes to Aurora (3/4)

Washington Post: Meet LightningStrike, DARPA’s planned new vertical takeoff aircraft (3/4)

Jane’s: Aurora Flight Sciences wins DARPA X-Plane downselect (3/4)

C4ISR & Networks: DARPA’s vertical takeoff ‘X-Plane’ contract goes to Aurora (3/4)

Defense One: Check Out the Military’s Experimental Helicopter Plane (3/4)

Foxtrot Alpha: DARPA’s Revolutionary New VTOL X-Plane Design Looks Out Of This World (3/4)

Signal Magazine: Blog: DARPA Awards X-Plane Phase II and III Funds (3/4)

Microcap Magazine: DARPA X-Plane Moves into Phase 2 Design with Aurora Flight Sciences (3/4)

Airforce Technology: DARPA awards VTOL X-Plane Phase II contract to Aurora (3/4)

GovCon Wire: DARPA Awards Aurora Flight Sciences $89M Contract to Continue VTOL X-Plane Development (3/4)

T3: New VTOL plane will have seamless transition from hover to forward flight (3/4)

Defense World: DARPA Commences Unmanned VTOL Plane Project (3/4)

My Broadband: New vertical takeoff and landing plane unveiled (3/4)

Examiner: DARPA eyes faster vertical takeoff airplane (3/4)

Defense Update: DARPA Selects Aurora’s LightningStrike 24-prop Hybrid VTOL X-Plane (3/4)

Inverse: DARPA’s New Airplane Can Take Off Without a Runway (3/4)

The Verge: This wild new concept aircraft is electric, autonomous, and powered by dozens of fans (3/4)

Daily Mail: Where we’re going, we don’t need runways! Darpa’s latest futuristic concept plane takes off VERTICALLY and could be ready by 2018 (3/4)

PC Magazine: DARPA Teases X-Plane Concept That Can Take Off Vertically (3/4)

Technabob: DARPA’s Awesome VTOL X-Plane Moves to Phase 2 (3/4)

AutoBlog: DARPA VTOL X-Plane design is looking crazy, innovative (3/4)

Examiner Gazette: Plane moves into phase 2 design with Aurora Flight Sciences (3/4)

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