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Orion: The Mission


Orion is Aurora’s long-endurance, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) capable of providing extreme persistence for military applications, such as ISR and communication relay. Orion was competitively selected by the US Air Force for the Medium Altitude Global ISR and Communication (MAGIC) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD). The MAGIC JCTD was sponsored by the US Central Command (CENTCOM) to meet its demand for persistent ISR. In the JCTD ranking process, five Combatant Commands ranked Orion as their number one priority.

Orion provides:

Affordable Persistence; Orion is able to fly for 5 days with 1,000 lbs payload at 20,000 feet in altitude.

Multi-INT; Orion supports multiple intelligence missions simultaneously, including FMV EO/IR sensor, communication relay, cross cueing and payload fusion, WAAS, VADER, and SIGINT options.

Long Endurance; Orion’s long endurance delivers the range to support CONOPS from remote bases, Orion provides over 3 days on station from bases 2,000 miles from the mission.

Strike Capability; Orion has the potential to provide strike capability for the warfighter with the ability to carry over 1,000 lbs per wing hardpoint

Long-Range Operations

  • Reduces number of bases needed for worldwide ops
  • Reduces forward footprint minimizing personnel in harm’s way
  • Provides flexibility even when infrastructure (e.g., airfields) unavailable in area of interest
  • Previously unreachable areas of vast oceans are now reachable

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  • Medium Altitude Aircraft
  • 15,000-30,000 feet altitude
  • 120+ hour endurance
  • Up to 2600 lbs. payload


  • Open architecture payload and GCS interface
  • Highly autonomous operations
  • Reduced O&M manpower compared to other currently fielded systems
  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components, including JP-8 engines
  • Affordable acquisition cost


  • Demonstrate game-changing long endurance UAS
  • Provide flexible payload platform for local, battlefield conditions without in-country infrastructure
  • Evaluate CONOPs for multi-INT, dynamic environment
  • Generate situational awareness for direct support to troops in contact
  • Increase ISR CAP generation affordably, while reducing risk with COTS design
  • Explore methods to provide automated on-board processing, reducing PED manpower