Aurora Has Operations in Four States

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Manassas, VA

Manassas, Virginia

Aurora's corporate, engineering and prototype fabrication offices are located at the Manassas Regional Airport, 30 miles southwest of Washington, DC. Founded in Alexandria, VA in 1989, the company moved to the Northern Virginia airport in 1991 where it currently has 120,000 sq ft of hangar, office and lab space. Additional services at this location include an Ultra High Altitude Test Facility and a sea level propulsion test cell.

Bridgeport, WV

Bridgeport, West Virginia

Aurora's WV manufacturing facilities totaling 125,000 sq ft is located at the North Central West Virginia Airport. Primary focus is design to build and build to print of aerostructure components utilizing lean aerospace manufacturing techniques and technologies.

Building One is a 65,000 sq ft facility used for fabrication and assembly of composites and metal aerostructures. The building houses a machine shop, welding shop, a heat treat furnace, paint booth, assembly areas, and a 2,000 sq ft clean room.

Building Two was designed as a showcase for lean aerospace manufacturing. The 40,000 sq ft facility contains two 10,000 sq ft class 100,000 clean rooms for composite lay-up and assembly, two dual head Virtek laser ply location stations, a 24 foot automated Gerber ply cutter, two autoclaves, a reconfigurable shop floor and conference rooms.

Columbus, MS

Columbus, Mississippi

Aurora opened operations in March 2005, at Mississippi State University's Raspet Flight Research Laboratory in Starkville, MS. In April 2007, the company moved into its permanent facility at the nearby Golden Triangle Regional Airport in Columbus, MS.

Aurora Misissippi fabricates and performs final assembly of composite aerostructures for defense and commercial aerospace customers. State of the art capabilities include automated fiber placement, NDI, autoclave (16’x40’), NC trim, and clean rooms. With completion of its third facility in early 2013 there will be 120,000 sq ft of manufacturing and production capacity at this location.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Aurora's Research and Development Center (RDC) moved to a new location in May 2012.

The RDC supports all of Aurora's business sectors as well as serving the needs of external clients as diverse as NASA, the DoD, and major government contractors. The Center houses a staff of senior technologists, scientists, and engineers dedicated to exploring, developing and exploiting new and existing technologies in areas such as vehicle robotics, innovative propulsion and sensor technologies, and manufacturing technology.