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Aurora Flight Sciences is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles. Aurora is headquartered in Manassas, VA and operates production plants in Bridgeport, WV and Columbus, MS; and a Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA.

We are committed to research, testing, and verification in a hands-on environment staffed by exceptional people. It is understood that risk must be accepted.

Our core values include:

  • The integrity of data presented is essential
  • A sense of urgency and a bias towards action must be maintained
  • The focus should be on fixing problems rather than blame
  • The merit of ideas is more important than their originator's position in the company
  • Personal accountability must be instilled throughout the organization
  • Leadership is best done by example

2013 Employee Exceptional Service Award

The secret to Aurora continues to be its people. Each quarter, we present an Exceptional Service Award that recognizes employees for their accomplishments and dedication to the company. Winners in 2013 include:

  • Pete Cooke, Project Engineer on Centaur, for his development of mechanical systems on the Centaur OPA.

  • Our West Virginia Tooling Team including Eric Thompson, Elliott Prinzo, Todd Stevens, Brian Ruby, and Eugene Matthews for their work on a new commercial tooling program.

  • Bob Renshaw, Jim Francis, and Chris Krebs for their work on the NASA/Orbital/Alenia PPRV program.

  • Robbie Ellard, Buyer, in Columbus, Mississippi, for her financial and purchasing support of the Sonobuoy launcher and S-92 programs.

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